10th Anniversary Album
Nat King Cole
Released 1953
Recorded 1948 - 1953
Label Capitol
Produced by Nat King Cole

10th Anniversary Album is Nat King Cole's second compilation album. This album was named "10th Anniversary" as Cole began his career with the rest of the King Cole Trio and made their first studio album in 1943.

Like the previous compilation album, Harvest of Hits, the 10th Anniversary album features various singles that were unreleased in albums during Cole's career with Capitol Records.

This album was released in 1953 in a 10" format. Unlike other re-releases, this album's 1955 12" release included no extra tracks.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
  2. "There I've Said It Again"
  3. "Lulubelle"
  4. "I'm An Errand Boy For Rhythm"
  5. "A Love Nest"
  6. "But All I've Got Is Me"
  7. "Peaches"
  8. "I Can't Be Bothered"
  9. "Too Soon"
  10. "Rough Ridin'"
  11. "The Story Of My Wife"
  12. "Sleeping Beauty"
  13. "Lovelight"
  14. "Where Were You?"
  15. "Mother Nature And Father Time"
  16. "I Wish I Were Somebody Else"

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Nat King Cole piano, vocals, arranger
Johnny Miller double bass
Oscar Moore guitar

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