Penthouse Serenade
Penthouse Serenade
The Nat Cole Trio
Released September 1952
Recorded 1951
Length 23:05
Label Capitol
Produced by Nat King Cole

The King Cole Trio, Vol. 2 is Nat King Cole's seventh studio album.

The album was entirely made of instrumental songs, featuring no vocals. However, this album was released twice as well, and both of these releases of the album feature songs that Cole used vocals in.

The album was worked with by King Cole Trio as well as Lee Young, Jack Costanzo, and Benny Shawker.

This album was Cole's first album with songs recorded after the "King Cole Trio" series of albums.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone)" (Burton, Jason) – 3:06
  2. "Somebody Loves Me" (DeSylva, Gershwin, MacDonald) – 3:03
  3. "Laura" (Mercer, Raksin) – 2:43
  4. "Once in a Blue Moon" (Caldwell, Kern based on Rubenstein's Melody In F) – 2:55
  5. "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" (Burke, VanHeusen) – 3:03
  6. "Down by the Old Mill Stream" (Taylor) – 2:18
  7. "If I Should Lose You" (Rainger, Robin) – 3:11
  8. "Rose Room" (Hickman, Williams) – 2:46
    4 tracks added for the 1955 12 inch LP re-issue:
  9. "I Surrender Dear" (Barris, Clifford) – 2:57
  10. "It Could Happen to You" (Burke, VanHeusen) – 2:46
  11. "Don't Blame Me" (Fields, McHugh) – 3:02
  12. "Little Girl" (Henry, Hyde) – 1:48
    additional bonus tracks added to later CD release:
  13. "I Surrender Dear" (Barris, Clifford) (alt. take) – 3:00
  14. "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" (Ahlert, Turk) – 2:11
  15. "Too Marvelous for Words" (Mercer, Whiting) – 1:53
  16. "Too Young" (Dee, Lippman) – 2:32
  17. "That's My Girl" (Ellington, Tobias) – 1:45
  18. "It's Only a Paper Moon" (Arlen, Harburg, Rose) – 2:09
  19. "Unforgettable" (Gordon) – 3:05

Personnel Edit

Nat King Cole piano, vocals (CD re-releases)
Johnny Miller double bass
Oscar Moore guitar
Benny Shawker drums
Jack Costanzo bongos, conga
Lee Young drums
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